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The Important of Content For Online Businesses

How To Use Ready Made Content In Your Online Business

PLR or Private Label Rights Products like PLR Articles, EBooks, Videos, Software, Themes, Plug-ins, and Courses etc., are a godsend for time-strapped bloggers and webmasters who are constantly struggling to write fresh and unique content.

Even though most PLR Authors make claims like – “Pre-written Articles and Ready Made Videos that you can claim to your own?” Using PLR products is not that simple, at least not anymore.

Even though PLR can be a valuable tool for content development for websites and blogs, it isn’t exactly the “copy and paste” formula it used to be five to six years back. Let us take a closer look at what PLR products are and how you can use it to successfully develop content for websites, blogs, forums, etc.

PLR Products like PLR Videos, EBooks, Courses PLR and more can be easily converted into blog posts, email auto-responders, videos, and podcasts. Now if you can acquire the products effortlessly and use them, so can millions of other people on the Internet, who are looking at the exact product as you right now. This creates a problem of duplicate content, and content that is shared and re-shared at least a thousand times even before you use it.


If used in the right way, PLR products, also known as plr info products can be an amazing resource and time saver. If you can ensure two things while dealing with PLR Products, you can never go wrong. Firstly, you should only select good printable plr from reputable authors who only sell (n) number of copies, secondly you should always modify the PLR products to suit your requirements before you use them (That also rids you of the duplicate content problem).


Do not opt for “Pack of 10,000 PLR Articles” for $5 on Fiverr, or fall into the trap of Internet Marketing Products that bundle a pack of Free PLR Articles with every copy. When you buy plr ebooks, they are supposed to be cheap, but they cannot be as cheap as a 10,000 Articles for a dollar. Seriously? Those articles are worth what you pay for. Since they have been used in over a million websites already, it is nearly impossible to transform them into useful bits of content for your website.

Look for the plr articles packages that publish PLR Products with the following criteria:

1. Recently Developed PLR Articles

2. PLR Products by Reputable Authors

3. PLR Products Published With Limited Circulation


Whatever you do with private label rights article content, never copy and paste it on your website. Even if you do not believe that Google penalizes websites for duplicate content, would you want to offer the same information to people that they have seen on many other websites? Your goal as a blogger or webmaster is to provide unique and quality content to your visitors. Only by doing that can you increase the reputation of your blog, move up the ranks in Google and gain the trust of your visitors and followers.

Many Internet Marketing Experts will tell you just to use survival PLR Products as a base for information and research, but actually you can just rewrite or rehash at least 40-50% of the content, or get it done by freelancers.

Don’t just limit yourself to using PLR products as blog posts or plr autoresponder email series. PLR Videos can be used as course materials and educational video blogs. You can use the script in the PLR videos to record your videos and launch your original channel on YouTube. You can combine a set of plr content for blogs, have then rewritten and turn them into powerful eBooks. You are only limited by your imagination in the way you want to use the Private Label Rights Products. I highly recommend you visit a reputable PLR content directory, compare suppliers and look for launch discounts and premium quality content before buying. Good-luck with your online business content marketing! Till next time, X Team.